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When Should I See A Dentist For My Toothache?

Posted by in Emergency Dental Care on July 21, 2015

A toothache is no laughing matter and it’s important you know the signs of a serious infection developing. Some people simply don’t know when to see a dentist because they haven’t seen one in the past. This means they don’t schedule regular visits which can cause a serious problem since it’s recommended to see your dentist every year. With that said, a toothache is the most common reason to see your dentist because this is how other major sores and diseases start. Here are some reasons when it’s time to see your dentist for a toothache.

Gum Disease

It’s very easy for a toothache to be classified as gum disease. Before it gets to this point it’s very important to see your dentist. Gum disease can lead to other more serious tooth diseases which will require way more treatment and this can be a serious burden emotionally. Many people don’t know that a simple toothache is the starting of a more complex disease so you should always keep a close eye on your dental care.

Bacteria Buildup

Toothache, if left untreated, can be something serious and this is where you should pay way more close attention. I can’t count the number of times a simple ache has turned into a bacterial infection causing massive damage later on. If you have a toothache and you haven’t seen a dentist then you should see one right away if bacteria begins to develop around your gums. Again, with frequent dental visits you can stop bacterial disease right in there track.


The most common reason for a toothache is a cavity and this is most likely going to be the case with you. If you are suffering from a serious toothache then it might be time to go see your dentist. If it is a cavity then this will cause you greater pain going forward and causes you trouble eating, sleeping, etc. A dentist is someone you should see on an annual base however if you don’t, then you should definitely see one when pain from a toothache occurs.

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